Lecture Notes

Here are the companion lecture notes to our book “Microwave Active Circuit Analysis and Design”. There is one set of lecture notes per book chapter.

They are the intellectual property of Dr Clive Poole and Prof. Izzat Darwazeh, but they may be freely used for teaching purposes. If you find them useful please consider recommending our book to your students.

Lecture 1 – Introduction

Lecture 2 – Transmission Line Theory

Lecture 3 – Practical Transmission Lines

Lecture 4 – The Smith Chart

Lecture 5 – Immittance parameters

Lecture 6 – S-Parameters

Lecture 7 – Gain and Stability

Lecture 8 – Three-port S-Parameter design techniques

Lecture 9 – Lumped Element Matching Networks

Lecture 10 – Distributed Element Matching Networks

Lecture 11 – Microwave Semiconductor Materials and Diodes

Lecture 12 – Microwave Transistors and MMICs

Lecture 13 – Microwave Amplifier Design

Lecture 14 – Low Noise Amplifier Design

Lecture 15 – Microwave Oscillator Design

Lecture 16 – Low Noise Oscillator Design

Lecture 17 – Microwave Mixers

These lecture notes were typset in LaTeX using the “Beamer” presentation package. We would like to acknowledge and thank the numerable members of the LaTeX community for their combined efforts in producing such a superb platform for the production of high quality documents. The following specific Latex tools ere used to prepare these slides :