RF Links

Here are some links to useful webpages relating to RF technology :

General Websites

Radio-Electronics : useful tools and resources for electronics and radio engineers

Electronics-Radio : useful tools and resources for students and hobbyists

Microwaves 101 : a searchable on-line microwave encyclopedia

Online Journals

Microwave Journal

Microwaves and RF

CAD Packages

Agilent AppCAD


Smith Chart

Telestrian’s Smith Chart tool

Smith Chart Youtube video

3D Smith Chart

Transmission Line Calculators

Various calculators for microstrip, stripline, twisted pair etc. at the All About Circuits website.

A Transmission line calculator covering various types of line

Pasternack’s Microstrip calculator

Microwave 101’s Microstrip calculator

University Courses

webpage of Gene Bogdanov

University of San Diego : Course EEE194

University of Kansas : Course EECS723

Professor Ian Robertson

Stephen D. Gedney (University of Kentucky

CSU Taiwan

Steve Long – University of California – Santa Barbara


Parameter conversion (S, z, y, ABCD, T)

Gunthard Kraus S-Parameter Library

Online S-Y-Z parameter converter

Matching Networks

Online L-Matching Network Calculator

Alexander C. Frank online L-Matching Network Calculator

Ernie Kim online L-Matching Network Calculator

Amplifier Design

Online RF Amplifier Design Calculator

Oscillator Design

Wikipedia page on Electronic Oscillators

RC phase shift oscillator Tutorial

Crystal Oscillator Tutorial

Negative Resistance Oscillators